The back of mistys head.
Misty had to go to the vets today. ��
She is OK but they gave her some stuff to put on her neck because of fleas! She will be fine though!
What is this box for? Oh, sharpening my claws! Alright!!!
This is a photo of misty playing with some string!
Misty is playing with strap-dragon and the zebra table.
Misty was sleeping on her cushion.
Misty is just so cute when she does this!
And this!
What do you mean read? This is what you do with a book! Silly humans ��




Misty has the RAF symbol on her flanks.

That explains why she goes so fast and likes to be up high!
Misty is eating chicken.��
Misty enjoys playing with wrapping paper. To subscribe to her youtube channel the video URL is http://youtu.be/W99GevByKM8 click subscribe