"If I pull this down will mum start doing knitting?"

"Haha!!! It's knitting time! I'll help!"

"Well, that was fun but rather tiring."


Misty helps to unpack the shopping!


Misty loves computers. They are just so exciting and interesting. She can try and catch the cursor, eat/play with the wires or sit on the keyboard and try to turn it off. Her love of technology even extends to touch screens as she has discovered that her pads on the bottom of her paws work on touch screens!!! Happy cat.





Firstly, I am terribly sorry about the long break, but the cat has done very few new things that you don't know about. But she has recently started catching insects such as moths as she is doing in this photo.

A good old lick always does the job.
Misty loves to play with lasers but she can never catch them.
This is the life. Not a life the life.
Misty is allowed in the garden on a lead now and she loves snooping around after pigeons.
I didn't realise that you wee going to EAT the salad but they were comfy so at least I'm a happy cat!!! Bit unfortunate you can't eat the salad but I did.